Il progetto

Lomi è un'esperienza di vita condivisa nella cornice di un meraviglioso appartamento in centro a Torino

Why Lomi

We believe that sharing is what most enriches a human being - of any age and regardless of his or her social background - especially if it happens between generations and different cultures.

Lomi is a shared life experience in the frame of a wonderful apartment in the center of Turin. An inclusive and inspiring home, offering private rooms and multifunctional common areas.

If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you've launched too late. (Reid Hoffman)

We took it literally, in fact until May 12, 2022 we will test the BETA VERSION.

In the next 3 months "lucky few" will be able to participate live in the construction of Lomi House, living, working, organizing, exhibiting and celebrating with us.


On why BETA we get help from Wikipedia:

"The beta version, in computer science, is a version of a software not definitive, but already tested by experts, which is made available to a greater number of users, trusting precisely in their unpredictable actions that could bring to light new bugs or incompatibilities of the software itself."

Here, the experts who have tested the house so far are us: Vito, Alejandro and Chiara. We now provide it to more people to get feedback and improve the project.

The name

Come nasce il nome Lomi?

Version 1: the name comes from the union of the words Love and Homy.

Version 2: the name comes from the union of the words Live and Home.

"Real" version: the first name we chose was Lome, with French pronunciation, born from the union of Love and Home. In Vito, however, founder of the project and born in Naples, the name did not sound in French but in Neapolitan, bringing to mind the number 71 of the Neapolitan grimace. Not exactly what the project wanted to represent!

Luckily wants that in the house of Vito lives a big dog named Romeo (called Romi).

Luckily wants Vito’s youngest daughter, Allegra, to love playing to be a Japanese cook who prepares sushi for her older sister Penelope.

Luckily, in their game, the pronunciation of the dog’s name goes from Romi to Lomi.

This is how Lomi was born, from the name of our big dog!

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